Autoimmune Conditions

Autoimmune Conditions with Clinical Nutritionist, Shawna Kunselman, MSACN

Autoimmune Conditions Result From Chronic Inflammation

Many times when someone has an autoimmune disorder, they will eventually be diagnosed with another autoimmune condition. So someone may have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hashimoto’s and/or Multiple Sclerosis.

This is because autoimmune conditions are a malfunction of the entire immune system --which is a complex system which should work together. When it fails to work properly the body begins to literally attack itself.

Severe inflammation from a combination of genetic factors, dietary triggers, food intolerance's and environmental toxins keep the immune system in overdrive which eventually causes the body’s tissues to attack themselves and settle in specific organ system.

Typically, a person will see a separate doctor for each condition and be placed on multiple medications for each condition without the doctors ever conversing with each other over the conditions. What is missing with this way of the thinking is what exactly is causing this inflammation and what can be done about it, rather than just covering the symptoms?

Can we find what is causing the inflammation and remove it from our life as much as possible to reduce the inflammation and possibly even the autoimmune condition? The answer is quite possibly, yes!

Autoimmune conditions can sometimes be reversible or in the very lease, symptoms will dramatically improve while you feel your best and get your body to optimal health! Yes, it takes dedication and work, but through elimination diets, monitoring inflammatory markers, removing offending environmental toxins and supporting the body with nutrients that are lacking, the body can begin to heal itself!




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