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My Favorite Essential Oils to Have on Hand

Lavender Essential oil: Probably a favorite of almost everyone! This oil is so versatile and so mild. It rarely ever causes any adverse reaction in anyone. This oil is great for relaxation, releasing muscle tension and sleep. Also a wonderful antimicrobial, this can be used effectively for colds and just for boosting the immune system. Great oil to add to the bath or directly to the bottom of the feet. A few drops can also be added to a cotton ball and placed next to the pillow before bed.

Eucalyptus Essential oil: Another mild and versatile oil! There is no oil better than eucalyptus for colds and upper respiratory infections. A few drops can be added to a humidifier or mixed with coconut oil and rubbed in to the chest and bottoms of feet in place of the petroleum based Vapor rubs. Another awesome use I have found for this oil is adding it to a cotton ball and placing it in the sauna prior to getting in.

Peppermint Essential Oil: This energy creating oil is another great oil for opening up the sinuses and releasing sinus pressure or tension headaches. One to two drops at the base of the head (occipital area) or mixed with coconut oil to massage in the temples and lightly around sinus cavities. This oil has also great relief for seasonal allergies! Another great use for peppermint essential oil is for stomach discomfort and bloating. One to two drops massaged directly on the abdomen is beneficial.

Tea Tree Essential Oil: I mix this strong antimicrobial oil with vinegar and water for an awesome disinfectant for cleaning around the house. Tea Tree oil is also great for athlete’s foot, ring worm or any other fungal infection. Just one to two drops mixed with…you guessed it…coconut oil!

Oregano Essential Oil: This is considered a HOT oil and should not be used undiluted on skin or in the bath! I found out the tough way and I added it to bath water and it burned me. Ouch! However, this antimicrobial oil is extremely beneficial! Oregano can be used for upper respiratory infections but more specifically is a great addition to have on hand for strep throat. Oregano can also be used very effectively for plantar warts. Combined with coconut oil, this oil has been shown in laboratory trials to kill MRSA, however I do not recommend using it for that purpose without seeing a healthcare practitioner first!

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: This is a mild oil that is great for use on inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema. Dilute with a carrier oil such as coconut, almond or jojoba. It has also been shown to be effective in reducing blood pressure. Ylang ylang is a relaxant and can blend nicely with lavender which will increase its effectiveness.

Carrot seed Essential Oil: Carrot seed oil is a powerful antioxidant! I blend it with jojoba oil and use it daily as a moisturizer on my face. It is great for wrinkle prevention and to lighten dark spots on the skin. Carrot seed oil has been shown to stimulate growth of new cells and tissues. Some people use it on their scalp/hair to prevent graying. It has antiseptic/antimicrobial properties and can be used very effectively for mouth sores. Add one drop to coconut oil or water and swish it around in the mouth. Should be avoided during pregnancy.

** While essential oils are typically very safe, they are very potent! They should be used in small quantities (1-2 drops) and usually diluted with a carrier oil. I do not recommend ingesting any essential oils as they can be very powerful and overwhelming for some and some oils can be toxic when ingested. They are best used by diffusing them in the air with a diffuser, rubbing into the bottoms of the feet or on pulse points of wrists and temples, and used on the nape of the neck at the occipital region.

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