Vitamin D and Behaviors

Vitamin D and Autism New research is showing that up to 75% of children on the autism spectrum show significant improvement with high dose Vitamin D supplementation. Vitamin D levels are very often significantly lower in children with autism and ADHD. Vitamin D has many vital roles in our body, including enhancing intestinal absorption of […]

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GABA for Calming and Anxiety

GABA in helping Anxiety Associated with Autism and ADHD GABA can be very beneficial for Anxiety During the process of allowing the body to heal itself, supplements of some sort are usually necessary to give the body what it has been lacking for so long. Optimally, we would like to get to a place of […]

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Suffering from Anxiety? How Valerian Root Can Help!

As published on Zhou Nutrition Website: With 40 million Americans suffering from anxiety disorders, it is the most common mental illness in this country. With the long list of side effects and addiction from anti-anxiety medications, many are searching for an alternative. Valerian Root May Be the Answer You Are Looking For! Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) […]